Would You Ever.....?

There is nothing like a theological gray area to promote good discussion. So here's one. If you were invited to

speak in front of Joel Osteen's church, would you do it? <br />

Is it right (or even just a good idea) for a preacher to go to a well known church and speak? I asked three pastors

who I know and respect. Two of them said no, that it would cause them to have a bad testimony. One said yes. <br />

Most of the verses in the Bible warning us about false teachers (Joel Osteen is one, that could be a whole other

post.) focuses on the warning Christians to beware of teachers who look and act good, but are really bringing false

gospel. Second John 9-11 appear to forbid speaking to those who do not believe the truth, but Matthew Henry writes

that those verses mean we are not to support, financially or verbally, false teachers. <br />

The one pastor who said he would speak at Lakewood if he was invited brought up the point of Paul. Paul preached

anywhere people would listen. One of his most famous sermons was delivered on Mars Hill in Athens, the center of

idol worship in the city. Paul never once changed his message, even though preaching the gospel in the synagogues

almost got him killed more than once. <br />

Christian hip-hop artist Group 1 Crew says in one of their songs they will <br /><center> "Fill up a secular venue

and get love from them too <br /> And not for a moment ever have to sacrifice the truth." </center><br />

Is that right? I don't know for sure, but I think I know what side I come down on. I would go to Joel Osteen's

church and preach repentance of sin for salvation. The way I look in the eyes of others wouldn't be the biggest

issue. Souls would be. I wouldn't compromise. I wouldn't accept, endorse, or support false teaching. But if I was

accepted by others, I believe God would be glorified.

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