A Look into the Heart of Stephen Jones

<p> Stephen Jones is one of those people that is always percieved as

perfect. He grew up in probably the most famous home in all of

Fundamentalism. He followed in the footsteps of his father, grandfather,

and great-grandfather, as president of the largest fundamental college in

the world. But this morning when he preached in chapel, he allowed us into

his heart as he shared his past and his struggles with his relationship

with God. </p>
<p> His message wasn't fiery, but it was good. He shared his struggles with

assurance, how he never finally was sure he was born-again 'til he was in

seminary. He told us about how he struggled in high-school. How he had bad

friends and was so deep into sin that he couldn't bring himself to pray or

read his Bible. He told us about the facade he was forced to put up, living

in the glass house he was raised in. </p>
<p> He never went into detail about the sin that he struggled with, but he

did share how he got into serious trouble with the Academy. He got 100

demerits in one day. And he shared how God used that to finally break him

of his sin. </p>
<p> His message should show up on <a

href="http://www.sermonaudio.com/">sermonaudio.com</a> in about a week, and

if it does, I will post a link to it. It was an awesome reminder that the

people we think are perfect are not and that God won't use someone greatly

unless they have been humbled first.<p>

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