Movie Review: Babylon AD

Babylon AD is an interesting movie. It's not a bad movie, as far as action movies go, but Babylon goes deeper than that. It is an excellent commentary on the human condition.

It shows the decay of mankind into a society without government, where money and guns rule. The one place with order is the technologically advanced North America, centered in a modern day Babylon, New York City.

I don't know whether or not the movie is based off some sort of idea of a Biblically apocalyptic Earth, but the world described is how I would like to think the tribulation will be. The world is centered in one city. There is an incredibly powerful, false corporation/church called the No Lights; centered in NYC. A one world government is mentioned, but it is shown as only having influence in North America.

I won't give away too much of the plot (which isn't developed that well), but the hope of mankind ends up being focused on a virgin and her twin children. But it is not an Almighty being that offers this hope to mankind, but the invented technology of man. All mentions of god or organized religion are shown as being bad. The Messiah(s) are man's solution, not God's

I'm not the type to completely shun a form of entertainment because it has themes that are anti-biblical. I am the type to insist that every Christian be aware of what is being poured into their minds and evaluate it.

I recommend this movie, not necessarily because of plot, but because it shows what humanity will one day become.

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