The Best Episode of Numb3rs, Ever

One of the TV shows I try not to miss is CBS's Numb3rs. I have always enjoyed this show, which mixes math and crime fighting; but I have never seen an episode that truly amazed me till this weekend when I saw "The Janus List." All I can tell you about it is that there is some pretty sweet math and some really awesome spy stuff. You can watch it at http://www.cbs.com/innertube.


Hometown Pride: LaMarr Woodley

It isn't often that I feel a sense of pride for my hometown, as Saginaw is pretty much the worst place to live outside of the Congo. We have a horrible economy, the crime rate is six times the national average (worse than Detroit), and the population is shrinking because everyone is either leaving or getting killed. But Saginaw has one good thing going for it, maybe. We have some good pro athletes. Charles Rogers (almost), Jason Richardson, and most recently LaMarr Woodly have become famous pro athletes. I was pleased to see a story on Yahoo! Sports front page about LaMarr Woodley's draft experience. It was a nice article, I guess, but some stuff cracked me up. I quote LaMarr,
"You can never change where you're from.
When you come from a place like Saginaw, you play
with heart. And you can never teach heart."
What on earth does Saginaw have to do with playing with heart? I've lived here all my life and only realized that Saginaw has the least spirit of anyplace I've ever been to (no hockey jokes). If a lousy economy and bullet filled air gives Lamarr "heart", more power to him, but I have no idea where that came from.