Don't Worry; Be Happy

Well, its been nearly a week since we got a new President, and I have
yet to blog about it. Until now.

I'm glad that America has elected its first black President sooner,
rather than later. The year Barack Obama was elected, 2008, marked the
forty year anniversary of some of the greatest race riots in the history
of the United States. Its amazing what has happened in forty years, and
I'm glad to see it.

Most of my friends and family (and me) are conservative, and supported a
candidate other than Obama. They worry what he will do to our country.
They worry about the change that he will bring. They worry that
socialism will ruin our country.

But there is no need to worry. God chose Barack Obama to lead our
country. I don't know why, but it will be for the better. Socialism is
not the end of the world. Europe is much more socialist than we are and
the Euro is killing the Dollar. Don't worry. Trust God.

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