When Words Aren't Wise

This morning in chapel, I heard the last thing I want to blog about,
but I feel like I really need to. Dr. Bob Jones III, the chancellor and
former President of Bob Jones University (named after his grandfather,
the founder) spoke about Barack Obama's rise to the Presidency.

He had the audience turn to Matthew 24 and read verses 1-11,
but then went on to bring his personal political preferences into
the pulpit (little he said had anything to do with what we read).

He did say he was glad that we have an African-American president,
but that he was concerned about what Barack would bring. Dr. Bob said
that he wasn't comparing Obama to Hitler, but that is exactly what he
did. He talked about how Hitler and Obama both came to power with
incredible popularity in times of deep economic distress. And how Hitler
wasn't what people expected.

I see his point, that Obama shouldn't be who we put our hopes in,
but he went on to say that he would much rather have Condolleezza Rice
be our first African-American president than Barack Obama. He implied
that this country would be better off if the Republicans were in power.

Dr. Bob almost called Barack Obama the anti-Christ. He mentioned
Matthew 24:11 and how men put their hopes in false teachers, the
greatest of whom will be anti-Christ. He said "I wonder if…." and went
on to say how no man had ever risen so fast from nothing to the one that
this world looked to as its Savior. He said the word Savior. If he had
stopped there I would have said that he was calling Obama the

anti-Christ, but he said he wasn't saying that.

I think that the main point of his message was good, that we are to
put our hope in God, not any man. But we must remember that God was the
one who placed Obama in power, and because he did, it will be better for
the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven than if anyone else were our

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