Why I had Four Cops After Me

I have only had my driver's license for about six months, but through those months have never been pulled over. I got pulled over Sunday.

My brother works for a lawn care company, and one of the lots that they mow had two year old construction signs sitting there rotting away. My brother asked his boss, a security guard at our local hospital and knows a lot of cops, if it would be fine if we took the sandbags. His boss said fine.

After church my brother, a white friend, a Mexican friend, and I stopped by, picked up the sandbags and went on our merry way. A couple minutes later we passed two cop cars that promptly turned around. At that point I knew I was screwed, I didn't know for what. I pulled up to a red light; they pulled up right behind me and flicked on their lights, so I pulled into the gas station right there.

One of the cops came up to my window and told me that they had received a call about four Caucasians in a green van who were stealing traffic signs, which is really funny because we had a Mexican in the back seat. We thought about saying, "That can't be us, thats a Mexican back there," but we exercised better judgment.

There were two cop cars that pulled us over; then two more cops stopped to see what was going on. So at one point there were four police cars in the parking lot surrounding me. Yay, I'm famous.

One of the policemen called my brother's boss, and we got everything straightened out, so we didn't get arrested or fined or anything. We thought it would have been really funny if they pulled the Mexican guy out of the back seat and searched him, but that never happened.