Things That Irritate Me About The So-Called "Debt Crisis"

1. There is absolutely nothing preventing Congress from raising the debt ceiling today.  The debates and compromises can happen after that's done.  Congress is playing a needless game of chicken with our economy.

2. The government spending more than it makes is, in the short term, good for the economy.  It's true that raising taxes will slow the economy, but it's just as true that cutting government spending will do the same thing.

3. If we do something about unemployment, government revenues will increase on their own without any taxes being raised.

4.  Congress needs to simply raise the debt ceiling, take steps to create more government jobs in areas like construction that will leave permanent benefits, and create a commission to figure out how we're going to pay off the national debt.

5. I really want there to be a third party focusing on fiscal responsibility through raising taxes and cutting entitlement programs.

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