My Five Favorite Albums of 2011 (So Far)

I say "so far" because the year is far from over.  I fully expect Needtobreathe's The Reckoning and Switchfoot's Dark Horses to blow these five out of the water.  MercyMe's coming out with The Worship Sessions, which is only available at Family Christian Stores, and Stellar Kart releases their Disney cover EP, A Whole New World, tomorrow.  I'm really looking forward to all four.

Also here are YouTube links to Needtobreathe's single "Drive All Night" and Switchfoot's "Dark Horses".

That being said, here are my favorite albums of 2011, so far.

5. Third Day - Move
I wasn't a fan of this CD until I saw Third Day in concert.  They can put on a show, and Move rocks.
Best Song: "Follow Me There"

4. Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall EP
It's not technically an album, but these three songs are a fantastic taste of what's coming with their next release.
Best Song: "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall"

3. Owl City - All Things Bright And Beautiful
Much better produced than Ocean Eyes, and Adam Young finally learned to sing out.
Best track: It's really difficult to choose just one, but I'm going to say "Deer In The Headlights".

2. Parachute - The Way It Was
Best CD for cranking and singing along in your car when you're alone.  Not that I do that....
Best track: "Something to Believe In"

1. Danen Kane - Love Is Waiting
I went to a Lifest, a Christian music festival, and saw quite a few big name Christian artists.  Danen Kane was, musically, the best concert I went to the whole week.
Best track: Love Is Waiting

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