The Morality of Music

There are a few people whom I love and respect that believe with all of their hearts that certain types of modern music, such as rock and rap, are in and of themselves morally wrong.  I'm writing this in order to explain 1) why I believe that all music is glorifying to God and 2) what kind of music we should use in the church.

So, is music inherrently wrong?
1. God created everything that exists, both "visible and invisible".  - Colossians 1:16
2. Nothing else is capable of true creation.  - John 1:3
3. God's creation is meant to glorify Him. - Psalm 19:1
3. All music is part of God's creation.
4. All music glorifies God.

Why does rock and rap seem to go along so well with worldliness?
1. We live in a fallen world, where good things like sex, drugs, and alcohol can be easily twisted and used for things they weren't intended for.
2. It's impossible for any form of music to be performed or written by any person who isn't a sinner.

What kind of music should we use in the church?
1.  As all music was created by God, we should be open to using all music in worship.
2. We should be aware that it's easy for any music in church (from classical to southern gospel to rock) to turn into a performance instead of worship.
3. We should be aware of what causes our brother to fall into sin, and avoid that in public worship.

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