Why You Should Thank God For Barak Obama

Late in the evening of a November Tuesday last year, conservative Christians all over the United States began to panic. The Democrats won. This was going to have serious consequences. Gay people would get married, health care would become universal, and God's plan to save the world would have to be put on hold for a few years.


Where does Barack Obama fit into God's plan? Right in the middle of it.

"Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For . . . those that exist have been instituted by God."

Instituted. Tricky word. Tricky to type.

God voted for Barack Obama. God put him exactly where He would be most glorified.

But Christians have a hard time getting this. We think that just because the Republicans come down right on some issues (abortion, gay marriage) they come down right on all issues. When Bush was in office, anything questionable he did was defended by the religious right. They claim Bush started a war for completely altruistic reasons. They claim Obama wants to institute national healthcare to try to destroy our country.

We have two standards based on political preference. God doesn't have political preference.

God isn't concerned about the economy in the United States. He wasn't surprised last November.

His purposes aren't our purposes. His goals aren't our goals. They should be.

Would the religious right be cool with God if his plan was the destruction of America? Or maybe he wants to bring prosperity through a liberal government. I don't know. All I know is that "the kings heart is in the hand of the Lord" and we shouldn't worry that much about how things turn out. Because God will be glorified, no matter who is in office.


mkowa695 said...

I was with you for the most part til your last line...Because God will be glorified, no matter who is in office. So, you are saying God is glorified by Obama instituting a 'death panel' in his healthcare plan...God is glorified by a man who sings the praises of Islamic Radicals...God is glorified by gay marriage....God is glorified by etc...

As Christians it is our responsibility to be a VOICE (no matter how small) to the world...I am FRUSTRATED that as all the gays have started coming 'out of the closet'--the Christians have been shoved in the closet, and we aren't putting up much of a fight...it's more of this...oh ok, I guess we better not make a big deal out of this anymore...IT IS A BIG DEAL...anyway...good thoughts once again...and maybe I looked at this from a different perspective from what you were aiming at, but just saying...don't get thrown in the closet yourself.


Andrew Winter said...

I'm saying God WILL BE glorified. Us humans can't get in the way of his glory. God is grieved when we sin against Him, but he is still glorified when his righteous judgment is poured out on us.