Why A Loving God Must Hate

     If there is one idea that this society has created about God, it's that he is a God who loves everyone and judges no one.  In fact, one of the trending topics on Twitter earlier today was #Godhateshate, which I found very ironic.  The fact is that in order for God to be a God of love, he must hate also.

     The Bible says that "God is love."  Love cannot be described outside of God.  Hollywood has tried, and come up with its own imitation.  Romantic comedies, Disney channel teen shows, and popular music have all tried to come up with their own definitions, but they all fail when compared to the true standard of love, God.

     God's example of love can't be topped.  God the Son gave up all the glory entitled to him (which we can't even imagine) to come down to die as a common criminal, and be separated from God the Father. 

     Why?  For what reason would anyone exchange infinite glory with infinite suffering?  Love.  Not sappy love, not first kiss love, but love that warrants giving up more than any human being can comprehend just to reconcile a relationship with a people that hate you.

     That is God's goal, relationship with us.  He died to get rid of the barrier of relationship, sin. 

     So, if God loves relationship with us, won't he hate anything that gets in the way of it? Like sin?  So how do we get mad at God for judging sin if He is just expressing his love?  And it's not like we don't have a choice.  He freely offers us relationship with Himself, at the expense of our sin.  So when we pass up relationship with an almighty God just so we can keep doing the things he hates, how can we expect anything less than his divine anger?

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