Rainy Days

Today is one of those days, you know? I just got done with a really busy week and only have the promise of a slightly less busy one starting Monday. I was looking forward to our game against Z tonight, but it got canceled cause it's one of those rainy, drizzly days. Not very fun.

I'm off campus now, so I get to check Facebook and all that good stuff. The place where I'm at is showing some taped Italian league soccer game. Life is boring and normal. I don't like rainy days.

Anyways, I found this on The Gospel-Driven Church:
Philip Melancthon once said to his friend Martin Luther, "Today, Martin, you and I will discuss God's governance of the universe," to which Luther replied, "No, Philip. Today you and I are going fishing, and we'll leave the governance of the universe to God."
Read the rest of the post by Jared Wilson here.

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