Our Citizenship Is In Heaven

I've been through a rough week. I'm taking 18 credits this semester, which should be 20 because I'm taking Greek I and Spanish III, both of which meet 4 days a week but are 3 credits. I'm in the middle of a stretch that has me taking a test in all 7 of my classes in 5 class days. It's rough.

That's why I read Philippians. It was good. Paul wrote the book from prison. Anyone would look at his life and feel sorry for him.

Paul didn't care. He says he doesn't count his life dear to himself. He says him main goal is knowing Christ. He says that living is Christ and dying is gaining even more. He says that our citizenship is in heaven.

This world isn't a big deal. Like Mandissa sings - "It's Only The World." That's it. We live in a world that will pass away. Our purpose here is to live for eternity, like Paul. Paul didn't care about being in prison because that wasn't the point of his life. The point of his life was Jesus.

The point of my life has to be Jesus.

I can use all of my time to study for tests, but will it be worth it? Will it be worth giving up Bible reading or prayer (or my sanity) to try to get all A's? Not really. I'll study, but I won't obsess. I'll work for this life, but not at the expense of the next one.

It's only this life. It's not that big a deal.

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