Fantasy Football Playoff Idea

If your fantasy league is like most fantasy leagues, it probably (due to the definition of the word "most") has 10 or 12 teams, features a 14 week regular season and a two week playoff to determine the champion.  The fantasy league of which I'm commissioner has 10 teams, which means each team will play 4 teams once and 5 teams twice.  I have come up with a cool idea for determining what team play each other twice, and which teams play each other once.

We could have done the traditional method and just let Yahoo choose randomly, or we could have moved into divisions.  Choosing randomly seemed too boring, and both ideas seemed like they could get unfair (due to unbalanced schedules) pretty quickly. 

My idea was to play a round robin schedule for the first nine games, like any randomized league would do.  The next five games are based completely on the previous week's standings, so you won't know until the end of one week who will play who the next week.  Beginning in week 10 and ending in week 14, the 1st place team plays the 2nd place team, 3rd plays 4th, and so on.  

This accomplishes a few things.  First, the teams in playoff position (1-4) will have to prove each week that they deserve to be there.  Second, the teams at the bottom of the table won't have to worry getting trashed each week.  Because every team is playing the team that is directly above or below them, no game should be out of reach for any team.  Third, it works like a real playoff, too, with a winning streak giving you harder games, but getting you closer to the top.  Teams aren't rewarded for losing either, as a loss counts as a loss in the standings and the standings are what counts when the regular season ends, and the real playoffs begin.

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